About Us

For as long as I can remember I have been an entrepreneur. One of my earliest childhood memories was sitting with my back against the hard, brick schoolyard wall selling my old toys and handcrafted “skateboards” made from wooden ice cream spoons (I sold those for .25 cents).  young-me-2I would come home, and my mother was regularly surprised at how much money I had on me in quarters and dollar bills. From these early days, my parents continued to foster these ambitions and helped me create work for myself. At one point, I wanted a new bike. My parents said, “Your school is doing a fundraiser, and the prize for most sales is a new bike. If you want a bike, you need to earn it.” After months of hard work cold calling friends/relatives and walking the neighborhood, I won that bike! It was these formative years that shaped my outlook on the meaning of work and success. (I am the one with the red flannel and tie :))


Through high school and into college I continued to find venues to feed my sales and entrepreneurial tendencies.  In college, I paid 50% of my tuition by “selling my college experience” to high school students via a traveling public relations group. After graduating college, I decided that I wanted to help people accomplish their dreams of owning a home. The first real estate company I interviewed with told me that they saw incredible potential in me and offered something unheard of in the industry. They paid me hourly to sell real estate. In my first year of selling real estate, I worked four additional part-time jobs so that I could eek out a living. As I continued to sell homes, I relinquished one additional job at a time until I was able to work full time in real estate.


teamOver time I won awards for being a top producer and realized that I needed to develop a team to provide the highest level of service to my clients. My wife and I decided to begin working together, and to hire a full-time administrative person, and a few part-time administrative people so that we could expand the services we offer. Our team has grown and become more streamlined as the years have gone on. It has been well over a decade now, and we have been involved in hundreds of home sales with many happy home buyers and home sellers.


Our desire is to provide you with unparalleled customer service, cutting edge negotiation strategy, and a stress-free overall experience. I invite you to call me anytime to discuss your real estate needs. I look forward to hearing from you!

CELL: 831-566-8075  EMAIL: adam@andrusestates.com