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“My wife and I bought our first home this past December, with significant help from Adam Andrus and his team. Adam was involved with every step of our … more
by danielmorganstaines


“Without Adam, my husband and I would have been completely overwhelmed by the process of buying our home. His straightforward, in-person explanations … more
by dianamstaines


“When my fiancé proposed we received some money for a wedding, but after looking around we realized how expensive they were so we wanted to chat with a real estate person to see if using the money to buy a house was even a possibility. Adam met with us and went over everything in a very easy to understand way. It was clear to us that buying a house was the best way to go and that Adam and his team were the perfect people to help. We work average jobs and were looking for a cheaper house and we are young, but Adam made us feel just as important as someone who was looking for a multi million dollar home. We never felt pressured to buy anything when we were searching, he was patient and honest and just made us feel super comfortable during the entire search process. When we finally found the house we wanted Adam jumped on it and scored us the house of our dreams! He is so knowledgeable that it was easy to trust his negotiation skills, and he proved to be amazing! We had been hearing from lots of people that buying a house was stressful, especially when it came to the escrow period. Since we had not been stressed out at all up to this point we thought, ok this is where it must get crazy…. But nothing crazy happened! Adam had told us in his first meeting that he and his team will take on all the stress so his clients don’t have to, and he was totally right! They took care of everything and made us feel very reassured that everything was going well. Even when there was a small hiccup (some crazy FHA rule) instead of calling us in a panic, they called us with a solution they had already taken care of. It was such a nice feeling to be taken care of so well. We never thought that two broke kids like ourselves could one day be home owners, but here I am sitting in my beautiful new home writing this! We could not have done this without Adam and Michelle, and we are so extremely thankful. It was the best experience we could have had (less stressful then buying a car)! I would highly recommend this team to anyone, they will treat you with respect and the highest quality of care. Thanks guys!!”

– Jen and Andrew


“The Andrus real estate group was great from start to finish! Adam impressed us with his initial presentation, and did not fail in any aspect to deliver on his promises! We sold our house for $70k OVER asking price! Both Adam and Michelle were very knowledgeable and honest throughout the entire process of listing and selling our home. We felt very comfortable with them and knew that they would take good care of us. Their marketing strategy was very robust and thorough, and at the end of the day, got us a great deal on our house! Both Adam and Michelle were very responsive with phone calls and emails. We felt they were more than willing to make sure that we understood each step of the process, and spent ample time explaining things to us that we did not understand. My husband and I are both very grateful that we used Andrus estates to sell our home. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to sell their home. You will not be disappointed!”

The Smith Family


“Adam and Michelle Andrus are excellent Realtor’s, there very informed have excellent advice, They sold a home for me and I would highly recommend them to anyone, They took command I live out state they handled it very well even to the simple small details. They did a wonderful Job with Love and compassion and lots of knowledge and negotiation skills. I personally couldn’t have had better team in my corner, I had just lost my father, So it was a tough time in my life they made it lot more forgiving.”



“We DIDN’T call Adam Andrus when we needed to sell our home…In fact, we listed our home with another agent, but it didn’t sell. It sat on the market for 1 year and not only did our house not sell, but we also suffered the frustration of a series of demoralizing price reductions. It made us feel like there was something horribly wrong with our home. Any time we called our agent for help, he made it seem as if we were disrupting him… like we were a nuisance. When we decided to let Adam Andrus-The Andrus Estates Group do the job for us, immediately we could see that we would have a completely different experience. They advertised our house more, and the team members were very knowledgeable and professional. They run their business more like a company, where each person has a specific role. Whenever we had a question, they were right there with an answer. Their team approach was “Hands Down” better than having one stressed out solo agent trying to handle everything for us.

Within only 6 DAYS of having listed our home with Adam and his team, not only did he get us 3 ALL CASH offers, but he also sold our home for $50,000 dollars MORE than we were willing to sell it for with the previous agent we had hired. We were simply overjoyed with their performance. Adam Andrus personally reviews every detail of every listing, writes the ads (with a system of tested and proven ads that over 10,000 agents pay to use), studies the ever changing market, works tirelessly, oversees each transaction, and strives to get your home sold asap, for the highest possible price, all while protecting us from overwhelming stress. They were very demanding of the team to provide us a stress-free, positive experience. A real estate team like theirs does become one of the best in all of North America by accident, or by disappointing clients! If you want a GUARANTEED great experience and positive results, They give you 4 written guarantees—but over and above that, their track record is a guarantee in and of itself.

We wrote this note because we’ve finished with the sale of our house, the difficulty of moving… and we’ve heard the “horror stories” from other people who had really awful experiences trying to get their homes sold … so I know a person risks a lot of discomfort, stress, frustration, and possibly failure to get their home sold quickly by hiring anyone else. Who has the time these days to deal with unqualified buyers running through the house, the futile public open houses, constantly having to hunt down your agent to badger him/her to find out what is happening with the sale…and when you do get frustrated, more than likely, it will be the ones you love most who will suffer from it! None of that has to be. As a matter of fact, in order to endure the least amount of stress and get the highest dollar value for your home, just let Adam Andrus & The Andrus Estates Team take care of everything for you! It is truly in your best interests to call them. This is Adam’s direct number, 831-566-8075.”

-The Martin Family


Adam is one of the best. I hired him to find my first home, and then again to sell it 9 years later. Simply put, Adam is trust worthy. I was living in the east coast and needed someone on the west coast to take care of every detail. He took care of everything, keeping me informed along the way. He went above and beyond his contractual obligations to help me get a troublesome renter out and to do a final cleaning before the transfer of property. I couldn’t ask for a more knowledgeable guy to handle the complicated CA market. If we ever move back to the Bay Area, I will be calling Adam and his team. Thank You Adam!

-Mark Nelson


“I purchased a home, in the Rio Del Mar area of Aptos over three years ago from Adam and his team. The home I purchased was a short sale and very complicated process with a second loan, couple going thru a divorce and a out of town real estate person. Adam went beyond a Real Estate Professional buyers agent duties, buy handling not only his responsibilities, but handling most all the sellers agent duties. The process took almost 9 months from the time I made a offer on the home, to close of escrow. Adam kept in contact with me, even though I was a out of town buyer, and got us a excellent loan agent. Working with Adam was like working with a close family member, who looked out for our best interest every step of the way. One of the best things about the process was, Adam was even able to reduce the final sale price of the home from my original offer, which not only saved us money at time of purchase , but also help reduce our property tax rate. Adam is not only a trusted agent on my part, but like a family member.”

The Thurman Family


“I successfully purchased and sold a home with Adam Andrus and his team. During the housing market collapse, Adam came to bat for me; he knew what to do and when, to make the short-sale absolutely successful with as little pain as possible. His knowledge of the market, networking savvy, and warm interpersonal communication made the transaction both pleasant and professional. We’re now working together to stay abreast of current trends and how I can best position myself to buy another home in the area. I have a great sense of comfort working with Adam, knowing that he’s putting my best interest to the fore. Because of this earned trust over a 6-year relationship, I will be pleased to bring my business to Adam again when the time is right.”

-Julie Horner


“I was considering relocating in the Santa Cruz area so I looked up the real estate agents and found Adam. At first, his web site was sending me listings daily so I was able to get a decent sense of what the market looked like in the area. Being from the Midwest and having limited knowledge of thespecifics there, it was really helpful for us to frame our research. Then I traveled to Santa Cruz and Adam was kind enough to spend a few hours with me discussing the market and then took me around the whole area to show me the different neighborhoods and share more on the pros and cons of each town. I was very impressed by his knowledge of what is going on there and by the fact that he offered his time to drive me around even though I had clearly told him I was not sure I would be moving there. I was extremely impressed by his knowledge of the market, his professionalism and his clear commitment to providing the information I needed to make the right decision for myself and my family. I ended up refusing the position I was offered there, but had we decided to relocate in that area, Adam would definitely have been the agent I would have worked with to find a home. I was super impressed by him.”

-Roch Lambert


“I am pleased to highly recommend Adam Andrus as a real estate professional in Santa Cruz County. I have known Adam for a number of years and have regularly received his newsletters and email updates. Whenever I have had real estate questions he has been my go to person. He patiently answered all my questions- not worrying about the immediate payoff. Adam was clearly more interested in building long term relationships in the community. When my daughter and son in law were looking for a house this summer in what I knew was a highly competitive market there was only one person to refer them to Adam Andrus. First, Adam took a lot of time to ensure he understood both their needs and their desires as it relates to their house hunting hopes. He wisely got them pre-qualified with a loan so everyone would know what they could actually afford. He gave them great advice in not over extending their budget but to look for a house that fit into a reasonable budget they could live with over the long term. He was really looking out for them and not trying to just maximize a commission. Once that was done they were able to start the “hunt” and they did look at a number of houses until the perfect house showed up. Unfortunately there were nine offers on the house and there was a fear that this would be a bidding war they could not win. Adam was very wise and knew that this buyer was not just interested in money but wanted people to buy the house as a home and not to flip it. Adam accurately told the story of my daughter and son in law as a young couple with a child who grew up in the area and who were looking for a home to raise their family. Adam accurately set the financial offer at a reasonable place while making sure the seller knew that this young couple would appreciate the home as the seller would. After some very anxious days the seller took the offer from my daughter and son in law and miraculously they were home owners. And it was almost miraculous- one offer on the perfect house and it was done. No one can guarantee the exact same result and but I can guarantee that Adam will use the same careful, deliberate, informed, honest and professional process to increase the probability that your real estate needs are met within your budget and in a timely manner. Trust Adam.”

-Dr. William Snow


“Before we met Adam, my Fiance and I were looking for homes on our own and visiting open houses with no luck and a horrible experience with the selling agents we interacted with. We were frustrated and loosing interest in house hunting when Adam was recommended to us. Adam and his team were game changers! I know finding the right place is partly a matter of luck, but within a month Adam had found us a gem. He gave us excellent advice and guidance through the whole process without ever once making us feel pressured to do anything. He was exactly the person we needed. If we ever want to move, Adam will be our first call to both see our current home and help us find the next one.”

-James and Susan


“First I want to start with the fact that I very RARELY ever give a reference, however since Adam and team were extremely helpful in the purchase of our Santa Cruz home, he deserves it. We had a pretty stressful episode with the sale of our previous home, and it came down to the wire on the house that we purchased, but Adam and his team made it all happen. His knowledge about the Santa Cruz neighborhoods, his assistance with references, giving us insight and advice during the home purchasing process, and his calm and professional manner of dealing with some stressful situations really impressed us. Michelle and Stephanie were also a great help on all aspect’s of the home purchase, working in the background to make it all come together, keeping us informed, but also responding quickly when we had some concerns. They were also very genuinely nice people to work with! We would highly recommend Adam and team, and would be happy to discuss in more details to anyone interested.”

-Bryan Faulkner


“We were recommended to Adam and his team by a trusted colleague. We left our other agent from lack of response unless “they” were excited about a property. Adam Andrus and the entire team were always happy and excited to work for us. They are ready and willing to push as far as we needed to and were comfortable with. Every decision was made quickly and concisely. Adam worked very hard for us and was always willing to explain everything when we needed. He always answered phone calls and responded quickly. I believe Adam Andrus and his team were pivotal in the purchase of our home. If and when we decide to sell, we will definitely be using Adam Andrus. I absolutely recommend using Adam and his team.”

-The Towne Family


“Adam helped us look for a home and was honest, patient, knowledgeable, and helpful. Later, he helped us sell our condo quickly, for a good price. His advice and negotiation skills were extremely valuable. He is very good at what he does. I WISH we’d had his help when we purchased a home in Oregon. Our next realtor was not so skilled at negotiation and it cost us money. Adam is a great choice!”

-The Sorenson Family


“Adam Andrus and his team are very helpful, knowledgeable and professional. They were a great help with the purchase of our first home so it just made sense to go with Adam again. Not only were we able to find and purchase our new home, but he was able to find a buyer for our previous home. They made the process as smooth and quick as possible for us which was very important for our busy family.”

-The Holtzclaw Family


“Adam is a very qualified and personable agent. He went the extra mile to sell our home. He put in many hours showing and advertising our home, as well as keeping us informed. We would recommend Adam as a real estate agent to anyone interested in buying or selling a home.”

-Dean and Sharon Dormandy

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